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Beirut - Lebanon

Don't think they've introduced the congestion charge in Beirut yet!

Smithers in Beirut
'Sherpa Smith' emerging from a mosque to reclaim his shoes.

Jerusalem - Israel

The Wailing Wall
Easter Sunday at the Wailing Wall - mayhem. Followed by a visit to The Dome of the Rock (below) & the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem where Jesus was born. Unforgettable.

Dome of the Rock

Persepolis - Iran

A short internal plane flight in Iran to Persepolis & Shiraz. Trace (right - wearing required clothing in 90 degree sun) above with some locals. The flight attendant greeted us at 7am with "goodnight", followed at 6pm with "good morning". The flight was so short they hadn't served breakfast before we were coming into land - some irrate gentleman shouted, "but I haven't finished my tea" & we promptly rose to do another lap at such an incline that Glynns coffee ended up in his lap - he was not amused - but we were.

Being greeted by some school kids at a mosque. They were bemused with the video cameras.

Jeddah - Saudi Arabia

Trace in her swimming gear! This was actually a westernized beach - they had locked & bolted 2 steel doors behind us. The snorkelling was some of the best we've ever experienced.


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