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Coro - Venezuela

The costumes
Although we went to places like Mexico, French Guiana, Guiana, Dutch Antilles & Panama, the place where we received the warmest reception was Venezuela.

The band
Being serenaded by the band.....

The escort
Armed escort - we were assured the guns were not loaded!

The locals
Making friends with the locals.

The train ride along the length of the Panama Canal was something else (see below). As was the bloke in Georgetown, Guiana who said, "hey man, why has your ship stopped here? No ships stop here unless they've got something wrong like disease or engine trouble". Glynn (bass) then bought a local paper -
HEADLINE "young boy shot from behind whilst he stoops to relieve himself by the side of the road"
We hot tail it to the local market to shouts of "hey white boy" (everybody there is incredibly suntanned) - Glynn announces "BLEND IN". Glynn, or Pirate Jack as we know him, then bought a bandana in the colours of the Guianan flag which went down brilliantly with the locals whom we idled the time away with in a bar drinking beer.


The train ride


The island
A wee island off Belize where we went snorkelling whilst avoiding the fishing pelicans.

Belize City, putting it politely, is not a place to write a postcard about, but whilst Glynn was trying to have his picture taken behind a bar - one of these things he likes to do - he asked if he could have a beer mat to take home - another thing he likes to do, to go with his stickers from beer bottles from around the world. The barman promptly gave him an unopened packet of about 80 beer mats. "What am I to do with all these beers mats?", says Glynn. Having no local currency & needing some postcards - another thing he does in every port - we went into the only shop/shack open on a Sunday. "Ooo they're nice postcards will you take some beer mats in exchange", the shop lady with the widest smile you will ever see promptly snatched the beer mats from Glynn & said "deal, I'll be able to sell these 10 for a $1". Just don't tell the barman up the road!!!!!

New York

The skyline
Approaching Manhattan at about 6 o'clock in the morning. The most bizarre thing was rounding the corner to dock on the Hudson & coming face to face with Concorde sat on a barge. It's now part of an aeronautical museum based on an old aircraft carrier.

The crew
All the crew were so excited to be in the USA until shore leave was banned for the crew. This picture was taken after we'd done a mammoth souvenir shopping trip for the guys & gals of the crew. We've made some great friends onboard from all over the world. We're hoping to meet up with them again one day in their home towns.


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