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Da sphinx & da pyramid
There's not a lot to say about Cairo except amazing, dusty & busy. The sphinx / pyramids leave you speechless & the Cairo Museum is something else. Going inside the pyramid will leave you with leg ache for 2 weeks & try to ride the camel called 'Mickey'!


Very magical place. You have to see everything; Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple, Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens, Valley of the workers.... do it all. Listen out for the locals saying, "come & have a shufty in my shop".

Luxor Egypt

Suez Canal

Suez Canal

St. Catherines Monastery - Egypt

St Catherines Monastery
This is where the burning bush (Bible) still grows!!! And they have a lovely collection of monks skulls, as featured on the Antiques Roadshow. Derek Acorah would have a field day here!

Petra - Jordan

Hermitage Petra


Entering Petra
Stunning! Featured in the Indiana Jones films (can't remember which one). Make sure you go all the way down the valley & climb the mountain at the bottom to The Hermitage.

Tonight we dine at Wadi Rum
Can't remember this guys name but put him behind a wheel & he turns into Michael Schumacher. We went on a 4x4 trip to Wadi Rum on the trail of Lawrence of Arabia & this guy thought he was at Silverstone...... absolutely great fun.


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